My very first hair post! I am so excited to share my hair journey with you all. I have not had a perm since June of 2011 and I have not even thought about getting another since. Well….maybe once or twice as I was transitioning and the going got REAL LIFE tough. lol. I will share some of my successes and fails (mostly fails) of my beginning natural days sometime soon in another post.

In Florida I don’t consider it to be fall until mid-October because the heat is STILL disrespectful in September/early October. But this year global warming has really been dictating everything because it is still 90 degrees outside and it is November. No sign of the temperature dropping or anything either. This has caused my fall hair routine to be quite different from previous years. This is the time that I usually try out all of my styles that wouldn’t normally last in the summer! My ends have been dry, the humidity has 0 chill so anytime I try and do anything other than a twistout it goes south, I have been wearing a puff a lot more lately! I have had some good hair days and some NOT so good. lol. Here is a picture timeline:







So these are a few of my looks from this past fall. The first few pictures are of a flexi rod set that went bad by day 2 because of humidity. The second set of pictures are from a braid and curl that I did. I just did single braids then put perm rods on my ends. I ended up going to Seattle, WA during the time that I had that hairstyle so the misty and cold air made me have to put my hair in a puff by the last day. The next set is the same hairstyle, but I was in Florida for this one. You can see how humidity got to it and made it big! When in doubt I twist it up or puff it out!

I usually co-wash weekly/bi-weekly depending on what my hair needs and then shampoo every month or so. I try to mist my hair with water every morning just to keep it hydrated! Coconut oil is my oil of choice majority of the time, but I also love olive oil. Whenever I cleanse my hair I use the LOC (lco, really) before styling my hair. Liquid= water from washing, Conditioner= elasta Qp leave in or shea butter & Oil= coconut/olive oil. This regimen has worked for me so far, but I may have to change it up for winter. I may even have to do a protective style like braids or a crochet style.

I plan on straightening my hair again for the first time since January of 2014! I’m scared. lol. I will keep you all updated!


*Trust the process.