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The word for me on the night of November 4th, 2015 was ANNOYED.

I will start by saying this, I have found, in my short 22 1/2 years of living, that 97.99% of people DO NOT like change. As much as people were screaming “change” right along with Barack wayyyyy back in 2008, they didn’t really mean it. People can say that change is good and all that jazz, but who really believes that change is good?

I can honestly say that I am one of those people. I may not dive into change head first on some things, but going against that grain can produce some beautiful things.

So, why was I annoyed that night you ask? It was because change makes some people so afraid and so uncomfortable that it doesn’t allow others to grow, blossom and conform to the best version of themselves.

I had a conversation with my mother last night about the comment/demand that was made about my FAKE FAKE FAKEEEEEE septum piercing. She asked what was said (from that one person who demanded that i take it out) and I repeated the conversation ending with a “but i’m not taking it out” with my Tamar face. She went in on her usual spill about it coming from a place of love and how obedience can bring about things that you never knew. I just sat and took it all.

When I kept explaining that it didn’t make ANY sense as to why people didn’t like it because it doesn’t have a bad connotation and it’s not giving me or anyone else health problems, I felt myself getting annoyed. Her response kept being about how it was out of love, but that wasn’t a real enough answer for me. I asked for a real explanation as to why something that isn’t even an inch long, isn’t even real, isn’t hurting anybody else (directly), such a bother?

Her response:

“Well I figured that you would only wear it for  a few weeks or so, but…….”*looking at it disgustingly as to point out that it’s still there while letting her sentence fade*

she continues, “It just changes your whole image.”

I reply, “So it makes me ugly?”

“No, I never said that!”

Of course I knew that my mother wasn’t calling me ugly, but it was kind of hard to decipher what she was really trying to get to because she didn’t think that it made me anymore beautiful, yet I wasn’t ugly. I finally went on a rant on how everyone was blowing this whole subject out of proportion and ever so dramatically snatched the ring out of my nose (it’s fake so imagine the drama I put into snatching it out) while explaining how annoyed I was. She seemed satisfied.

Honestly, I just think that people don’t like change because they are not comfortable with something new. Whether it be temporary or permanent. I changed my hair awhile back and you would have thought that I changed my whole gender with the looks and comments that I got, and still get.

I have and always will say that I am very open to opinions as long as the negative ones come with a solution tagged right behind it. Telling me “you need to” and “no, do this” doesn’t go over well with me, I am more of a “Well maybe you can try” or “I feel like this might be better” type of person. Guess I have to live with others having a different mindset.

At the end of the day, change is inevitable. Change and growth are one in the same in most ways. Every single person on this Earth goes through a change/growth whether you make the choice to or not. You have to go from infant to adult, elementary to middle to high school, dependent to independent, job to career, etc. I just wish that people were more accepting to change that is also a choice. From a minor choice like a fake septum ring to a major choice like a move across the country away from a comfort zone.

So I encourage you today to be more open to change. It’s good, healthy and, in most cases, needed.


*Trust the process

P.S. I write this post as my septum piercing sits right under my nose. Not to be “disobedient”, but to be comfortable in my change.