Is what two of my friends have told me. Makes me wonder if they are truly my friends….

Here’s why:

*disclaimer: I am in no way saying that anything is wrong with white men. I have no problem with interracial couples. This is not a negative post.*

– I am not anti-white, but I am very much so all the way without a doubt pro-black.

– What do they have against the black man? If they really knew him and his strength, mentally and physically, and how incredibly amazing they were they would know that the comment is not going to be true to a black woman like myself.

– Are they simply trying to keep ALLLLLLLL of the black men for themselves? Simply being proactive and trying to set my mind up with he notion that I’ll marry a white man so that I won’t be mad that they snatched up all the black men?

– My uncles are black, my grandfathers are black, my male cousins are black and I have friends that are black males. They are the examples that I have had all of my life of men. Why wouldn’t I want someone exactly like them?!

– I know there has always been a negative stigma attached to them to bash them, but the black man is the epitome of a man….at least to me he is.

– Lastly, there was something special put into the black man when God made him! It’s almost inexplicable, yet amazing and I love them for it!

They come in all different shades of chocolate with different backgrounds and different talents which makes them even more diverse and attractive! I just think that they don’t get enough credit on how incredibly amazing they are. Some of them can live that trife life (that’s in all races), but I don’t think is a good enough reason to discredit all of them. There are too many good ones out there to do that.

I wonder if they have ever seen a real and amazing black father. Contrary to popular belief and many stereotypes, there are A LOT of them. I have been privileged enough to have experienced many different versions of the black father. They may be strict, lenient (rarely), protective, giving, etc., but I have noticed that they all share the same over abundance of LOVE. Being that I am a female, that was really important to see.

Also, I wonder if they have seen a black man love his wife? For my entire life I have watched my model couple live out love. That couple is my Aunt Cha and Uncle Wayne. During my 22 1/2 years of living I have heard my uncle call his wife a queen and I have seen him treat her as such. He caters to her, but is still masculine enough for us to know that he is the man of the family. My mothers husband loves in a similar way.

I know that you can’t help who you love, but my examples for a husband have been building since I was born. It would be hard to go against the idea of a husband that I have in my head.

At the end of the day I don’t care what they say, God made a black man just for me. He is somewhere out there being great and living right so that we can build a beautiful family together! lol. Hey! I’m #teamblacklove. Always have been. Always will be.

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*Always remember to Trust the process.