I am very excited to start this section of my blog!

I’m not sure about others, but I LOVE to brag about my family and friends when they make big or small moves! I am connected to some outrageously talented people and I intend on sharing them with the world (or whoever reads. lol)!!

It may not be every week, but I do plan on taking at least one Tuesday out of each month to basically #fangirl over my people!


Today I would like to shout out my cousin Ciara or better known as Cee’z The A&R! I was honored to see her graduate from Full Sail University this past June receiving her Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. That was only the beginning to her journey into the music business because she has been making moves ever since. Recently, as one of her new en devours, she has started up her own podcast called Free Nugget Friday. 


These podcasts are focused on different topics every week, but they all feature music that relates to the topic or new tracks that you should listen to. She gives such inspirational and thought provoking excerpts throughout the show that will keep you going and thinking until the next Friday!

If nothing else keeps you coming back to listen every Friday, her daughter saying “Wake up it’s Friday”, in her sweet little voice, at the beginning of every cast will do the trick! It is definitely something worth taking the time out to listen to so that you can end your week on a good note.

I am so proud to call her my family!

LISTEN HERE to find some of her past podcasts. There is a new one up every Friday at 8:30 a.m.!

Follow her on social media to stay connected:

Snapchat – ceeztheanr

Twitter- @ceeztheanr

“These nuggets are free…” -Cee’z the A&R




*Always remember to Trust the Process.