So, let’s get right into it!

I got my last hair relaxer (creamy crack) back in June of 2011! A whole four years ago! These pictures below are a result of that perm. I had a pretty good length of hair for most of my life and i’d like to say that I took care of it pretty well. During the year prior to my last relaxer I started to get them less often. This happened because I simply got tired of getting burned every 4-6 weeks, but my edges and roots needed to be laidddd hunny! Eventually I started getting them every 8 weeks….then I stopped.

The pictures below are about a month after my last relaxer and I was still kicking! Don’t mind the super extra pictures of my trying to show off my first tattoo. Chile I thought I was a hot tamale….

I hadn’t cut any of my hair yet so I was very happy! After the summer session (I was staying on campus during that time) I got twists for the beginning of the fall (2011) term. Now, I thought that I was getting twist dreads, but we won’t get into that right now. My hair visions rarely ever come out the way I want *le sigh*.

I ended up loving them though! The real process came when I had to take them down and deal with my new hair texture. Anyone who transitioned KNOWS allllll about the tension between natural and permed hair. I wasn’t hip to YouTube yet so I was just doing stuff and ruining my curl pattern. I straightened my hair ALL of the time because I didn’t know what to do!

I stayed with a hat on (Which I can no longer wear :(), but I also started to have major damage on my ends. I was happy because I still had my length so I didn’t care about much else. Just terrible. I was just winging it!

The tension started to get so bad. lol. I learned enough from YouTube to know how to do a flat twist, but that was about it. Then I learned a little more and did my first bantu knot-out. I looked like a wet and greasy mess. I mean….those curls are a definite no.

CLEARLY i’m a daredevil and I decided to go for it again. This time I had my person hairdresser (my sister who convinced me to go natural with her) to help me out. She twisted those knots so tight up on my head that I literally could not sleep that night. They did NOT come out like the girls on YouTube so I felt defeated. Needless to  say, I haven’t done bantu knots again to this date. lol.

Things had gotten rough, the tension was bad (I was literally half perm and half natural) and I barely got through washes now.

Than this happened….


This was my breaking point. I have always listened to my sister (hence how I went natural) so when she said I had enough hair to go natural I believed her. Now lets remember that I have always had inchessss so any cute more than a trim was big. I was about to do my big chop by my sister who was NOT a professional. So many bad choices in one sentence.

Look at me trying to convince myself that it was okay. lol. THE DISDAIN!! The third frame screams “what. have. I. done.” so loudly. This was the first time that my hair didn’t touch my shoulders and I didn’t know what to do. So I did what I knew how to do and I straightened it. smh.

This was November of 2012 because I first had my hair short during thanksgiving time. I loved the short hair so much. I’d actually like to go back one day. You see me drakeing in that third frame before Drake was even a thing! I loved those “looking lost” selfies. smh.

Then January 2013 came around and I finally got the courage to wear my hair in it’s natural state for the first time! I was afraid because it was new and I didn’t know how people would take it (most people were NOT for it), but I did it! Had some bad times, but I took the bad right along with the good.

Eventually my hair began to flourish and grow and let me great! I was around here doing length checks every time I got a chance!

This was at the end of 2013! I made it a whole 2 years out from a relaxer and I didn’t look like booboo the fool!

In December of 2013 I decided to color my hair! I was already ready for change!

It was an auburn/red-ish color and I loved it!


Well, this was a synopsis of my first three years of transitioning/going natural. It was filled with negativity, but turned out to be the best thing that I have ever done! I love my hair so much! Hopefully this helped someone who is going through the process or thinking of going natural. It gets better each and everyday!

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*always remember to Trust the Process!