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December 2015

Twenny fih-teen…in review 

So, as I sit here and reflect on my year I can’t help but to thank God. Here’s why:

I was trying to think of at least one thing I have accomplished in these past 365 1/4 days that just made me really proud. Everything that I named or thought of just didn’t do it for me. I’ve stated a few of the below.

– I completed a bachelors degree…barely. It wasn’t conferred until December because one class tried to stop me from being great! To say the least, I was ashamed and disappointed.

– That one class threw me off so I never applied for nursing school…….AGAIN! You know, I have yet to apply to nursing school. I have been saying that I’ve wanted to be a nurse since my junior year in high school. I have everything lined up and ready. What is seriously holding me back?!!

– Along the same track, I am not the best at standardized tests so this entrance exam for nursing is kicking my butt. As a result, I figured out that I couldn’t do it on my own. I finally sat down and got some real and consistent help, but Jesus take the wheel (And the test for me if you can)! Though I didn’t get where I needed to be, I did end up improving! 

– For me and my sisters, this year will make a full year of consistently paying bills, keeping food in the fridge and not burning the house down. All of this without seriously asking for help from my mother. Don’t judge us. I know we’re grown! 

– I started a blog! Yes, on the surface this seems great, but I’m starting to feel like only my family reads it. I think this might just be turning into a public It’s good because I’m not a great writer so I’m stepping out of comfort zone, but honestly, where is this going? 

– I was involved in one of the worst relationships I have ever been in during my 22 years of living. As a result, I was able to rekindle a relationship with one of the best ever! Ended up Making up with someone who makes me feel whole in all of my brokenness. Also made up with my sista friends. Had a much needed re-revaluation of friendship.

– I took up yoga to combat my stress from school. Actually I took it to fulfill my last elective credit, but it ended up being one of the best things to happen to me all summer! 

– I decided to stop thinking about how broke I would be if I traveled here or there. Now, I didn’t go clear across the country and come back thinking that my hopes and dreams would pay the water bill. No. I like showers and clean dishes, I just learned to manage my money a little better so that I could actually live. 
Out of ALL of these things that would seem like major and/or minor accomplishments for others, I just didn’t feel like these things constituted a great year for me. Every good thing either came with something bad or a price tag (something I couldn’t afford). Then I had to stop my thinking and turn it into thanking. I realized that I was criticizing everything that God had for me. I came to the conclusion that If I were to be proud of just one thing this year it would be ME. Me as a whole.

I was stuck on all of the negative things that happened that I failed to see that God brought me through them all. I am still here because of his grace. Bills are paid because he is faithful. Relationships die or survive because he knows what’s best for me. I am not where I want to be, but where he wants me to be because his timing is perfect. Today, I am not the same Muff I was on January 1, 2015 and I am thankful for that. God decided to keep me and that is something to be proud of in itself! 

So, as I encourage you to do, I will take the good with the bad. Though this may have been a trial filled 365 1/4 days (down to the quarter) for you, you should reflect on the fact that you’re still here to reflect. Not everyone will make it into 2016 so be proud of yourself. Just remember, there is greater coming for you in 2016! Unless you cheated. Then there is just bad karma for you. If that applies to you, God bless you and good luck.

Anyways, I hope that everyone has a very safe and very fun New Year! Get ready for chapter 1 of 365! Make the rest of 2015 count while you can 🙂
– Muffy

*always remember to trust the process! 



Christmas in Your 20s

As a recent college grad, and two years into my 20s, I can say that I view things a lot differently than in past years. Especially Christmas.

I wouldn’t say that i am a selfish person or a brat, but as the baby I have definitely been spoiled with material things all throughout my life. I can say that my life has been smooth sailing…up until now. Every single time someone asks me what I want all I can think of is a J O B!!!, someone to pay my loans (or at least gimmie a dollar towards it), help pay a bill, slide me some gas money or just buy me make-up. If I have make-up at least I can always look like I have it together. lol. I realize that these are all very grown-up requests, but I now operate off of practical gifts so they are all very serious answers.

Where do we get the idea that it’s way more funner (I know that is grammatically incorrect) to be an adult when we are children?? Who made that notion up and why do all children want to be grown up so badly? Honestly, it’s a trap. lol. j/k. Being an adult isn’t all that bad, but it does come with a copious amount of responsibilities. It also comes with a lot more love and joy.

I said all of that to say that I am super excited for Christmas this year! Though I may not be where I would like to be financially, I am grateful that I have enough to give something to those I love. My mother has always said that it is better to give than to receive, but that saying is really setting in this year. I cannot wait to give to my family this year even if it is just a little cake or a leaf. lol. I have such a loving family that just my presence is a gift in itself:)

This year there is nothing that I want more than their continued love and support!

I hope and pray that everyone can be selfless this year and really find at least one person to give to without hoping for something in return! Giving is always better than receiving!

Anyways, I cannot wait to hug and kiss my family in a few days! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season! Merry Christmas:)

*remember the reason for the season: Jesus.*


*always remember to trust the process!



The Love Recipe…?

Source: The Love Recipe…?

The Love Recipe…?

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I have seen this scripture reworded, in tattoo form and written all the time for various situations. My question is this: who actually applies ALL of these words? Is this the set template for love? Or is there another “recipe” for achieving love? Are there some other unwritten rules that everyone should apply without question? What is the real deal with love?

From observing different relationships, in romantic and friendship form, I have learned that people fail at learning how to love and/or how to accept it. It’s nothing that someone intends to do, but it is something that can alter a relationship.

People grow up with different backgrounds and end up having their own versions of what love is. This is an important factor to keep in mind because love is often reciprocated in the way that it has been seen or given. The way one person has seen their parents love may be different from the next person. Same goes with reception of love.

This idea reminds me of a book written by Alex Elle titled LOVE In My Language. Now, I haven’t read the book in its entirety yet but what I did read was amazing. Everyone has their language in which they “speak” their love, but the challenge is finding someone who either “speaks” the same language or is at least willing to learn it. And vice versa.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment with an over abundance of love, some like to call it being spoiled but my mommy says otherwise! Anyways, not only did people express their love verbally, but they also took action to show their love. There was always food, shelter, clothes, toys, electronics, happiness/joy and verbal affirmations/encouragement from family and friends. I understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to receive a “recipe” for love like the one I was given, but that doesn’t mean that theirs cannot be re-written.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7, in its entirety, is my template for giving and receiving love. At the end of the day I don’t think that there is any set “recipe” to love. I mean, hey, any recipe can be altered to fit the needs of that specific person. We just have to be mindful not to shun someone else when theirs has different ingredients.

I’ll end with this quote:

“We must LOVE one another and see in one another the beauty of the soul.” – Carol F. McConkie



*Remember to Trust the Process.

Talent Tuesday: Wayne the singer & songwriter 

So, as I have stated before, I have the most talented family and I plan on showcasing them in any way that I can.

This Tuesday I’d like to put the spotlight on my little cousin: Wayne Allen! He is a senior in high school who has been in many school plays/musicals and he also sings at his church!

Last week he was featured in The Baltimore Sun which was highlighting the school musical that he stars in. They will be doing Disney’s Tarzan the Musical and Wayne will be playing the starring role of Terk! Yes, I am throwing this promo out into the atmosphere so that those of you in the DMV can go out and support him! Don’t worry, you still have time to go out and see him because the shows run on the 4th, 5th and 6th of this December!

If you can’t catch one of his performances at school then you will definitely be able to see him sing the praises of the most high because he is apart of the praise team at church! He even gets asked to come home early from vacation to sing at some services. Now you KNOW he has to have the voice of an angel!


I knew he was talented, I mean he’s a Papino, but I really got a grasp of just how talented he was this past Thanksgiving. He had to make some audition tapes to send off to colleges and he allowed us hear them. OH. MY. GOSH. After listening to them I just felt so blessed to be in connection with him for the simple fact that I know he is about to go places.

He performed three original pieces, all on the piano, and let me tell you…they were so legit!! I would post them, but they aren’t protected by copyright yet and y’all like to steal. I WILL NOT set my cousin up for failure so y’all can make a coin off of his talent! No ma’am sir, not today (in my Jaz voice).

Wayne now his youtube channel up and running! You can check him out by searching Marvin Wayne Music!

Here is a link to one of his videos:
Your Love by Marvin Wayne

Link to his three original songs!

Link to his rendition of classical songs
I just need everyone to keep an eye out for him because he is the future face of music! Don’t say I didn’t try and tell you.

Keep doing what you do Wayne! I love you and will always support you!



*Always remember to Trust the Process.

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