So, as I have stated before, I have the most talented family and I plan on showcasing them in any way that I can.

This Tuesday I’d like to put the spotlight on my little cousin: Wayne Allen! He is a senior in high school who has been in many school plays/musicals and he also sings at his church!

Last week he was featured in The Baltimore Sun which was highlighting the school musical that he stars in. They will be doing Disney’s Tarzan the Musical and Wayne will be playing the starring role of Terk! Yes, I am throwing this promo out into the atmosphere so that those of you in the DMV can go out and support him! Don’t worry, you still have time to go out and see him because the shows run on the 4th, 5th and 6th of this December!

If you can’t catch one of his performances at school then you will definitely be able to see him sing the praises of the most high because he is apart of the praise team at church! He even gets asked to come home early from vacation to sing at some services. Now you KNOW he has to have the voice of an angel!


I knew he was talented, I mean he’s a Papino, but I really got a grasp of just how talented he was this past Thanksgiving. He had to make some audition tapes to send off to colleges and he allowed us hear them. OH. MY. GOSH. After listening to them I just felt so blessed to be in connection with him for the simple fact that I know he is about to go places.

He performed three original pieces, all on the piano, and let me tell you…they were so legit!! I would post them, but they aren’t protected by copyright yet and y’all like to steal. I WILL NOT set my cousin up for failure so y’all can make a coin off of his talent! No ma’am sir, not today (in my Jaz voice).

Wayne now his youtube channel up and running! You can check him out by searching Marvin Wayne Music!

Here is a link to one of his videos:
Your Love by Marvin Wayne

Link to his three original songs!

Link to his rendition of classical songs
I just need everyone to keep an eye out for him because he is the future face of music! Don’t say I didn’t try and tell you.

Keep doing what you do Wayne! I love you and will always support you!



*Always remember to Trust the Process.