As a recent college grad, and two years into my 20s, I can say that I view things a lot differently than in past years. Especially Christmas.

I wouldn’t say that i am a selfish person or a brat, but as the baby I have definitely been spoiled with material things all throughout my life. I can say that my life has been smooth sailing…up until now. Every single time someone asks me what I want all I can think of is a J O B!!!, someone to pay my loans (or at least gimmie a dollar towards it), help pay a bill, slide me some gas money or just buy me make-up. If I have make-up at least I can always look like I have it together. lol. I realize that these are all very grown-up requests, but I now operate off of practical gifts so they are all very serious answers.

Where do we get the idea that it’s way more funner (I know that is grammatically incorrect) to be an adult when we are children?? Who made that notion up and why do all children want to be grown up so badly? Honestly, it’s a trap. lol. j/k. Being an adult isn’t all that bad, but it does come with a copious amount of responsibilities. It also comes with a lot more love and joy.

I said all of that to say that I am super excited for Christmas this year! Though I may not be where I would like to be financially, I am grateful that I have enough to give something to those I love. My mother has always said that it is better to give than to receive, but that saying is really setting in this year. I cannot wait to give to my family this year even if it is just a little cake or a leaf. lol. I have such a loving family that just my presence is a gift in itself:)

This year there is nothing that I want more than their continued love and support!

I hope and pray that everyone can be selfless this year and really find at least one person to give to without hoping for something in return! Giving is always better than receiving!

Anyways, I cannot wait to hug and kiss my family in a few days! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season! Merry Christmas:)

*remember the reason for the season: Jesus.*


*always remember to trust the process!