Or should I say who loves me?!

Ever since February 26th, 2016 I have been receiving the most overwhelming amount of love, encouragement, and  support! In reality, this has been happening since birth, but I am focusing on the past couple of months for now.

If you haven’t heard by now, I got into nursing school! Woot woot! Even before I got this amazing news my support system was constantly reminding me of how proud they were of me. I didn’t think anything that I was doing was amazing because I wasn’t where IIIII wanted to be in life. I felt like I was just going through the motions of what any 22/23 year old should go through.

Go to college. Graduate in 4 years. Get a job. Pay bills. Congratulations, you’re a real adult now. 

I had done just that, but still didn’t feel satisfied. So I continued to pursue my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse, but the road blocks I encountered sure made giving up look as sweet as candy! At the end of the day giving up was NOT an option because: A) my mama wouldn’t have let that fly B) I have too many people rooting for me and telling them that I just gave up would not have been a sufficient excuse C) I can’t be a teacher and I can’t work a desk job all my life.

As I entered the new year I decided that 2016 would be “My year of the win” and it has been JUST that! My news of getting into nursing school couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I received the news on the weekend that my mother was having her 50th birthday party so all of my #1 supporters would be in the same location. My mother, my auntie (Cha Cha), Cousin Carla, and KayRay are the ladies who are on every scene to support and to show love in every way! I honestly learned how to love, give, laugh and be selfless (still working on that one. lol) from these incredible women. I know that they will always have my back without a shadow of a doubt.

Aside from them, I have so many others that I feel are a lot more excited about this endeavor than I am. lol. Not that I am not excited, I just think that they see my potential far beyond what I see.

  • My big sister Cammy literally started tearing up when I told her. I thought it might have just been the pregnancy hormones, but within that week I received a card with the most incredible “proud big sister” note ever! I hung it up by my door so i’m reminded of who has my back every time I walk in my door!
  • My sister #4 is more excited than I am. lol. Every time I see her she tells me that she is excited or already reminds me that I need to get on the ball. She was one of the first people that I told and literally every week since Feb. 26th I have received a text about a tip or, more importantly, a scholarship opportunity. So if I cry broke it’s my own fault because Brittany is ON IT! #NurseBrittForPresident2016
  • Lastly, my siblings. Terra has always taken care of me like she birthed me, but now she has her BF in on it too. They have already come through with the clutch with stuff I need for school! Amber encourages me by coming home and telling the things that happen in her classroom. She doesn’t tell them so I won’t want to be a teacher, but that’s how I take it! They just solidify my career choice and encourage me to do everything I have to so I don’t have to resort to teaching. lol.

Of course these are not the only people who support me, but I literally cannot name everyone because it is so many! My friends, family, cousins, co-workers, etc. keep me grounded and SO humble. Absolutely nothing goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

I just want to give a big THANK YOUUUUUUU to everyone who encourages, loves, supports and believes in me! You the real MVP!

If you have time, which you always should, make a list of the people who always have your back and keep it on you at all times. Keep it on you to remind you of who you do it for and also to help remind yourself to check in with them from time to time. I “check in” by sending goodies like cookies and cakes because I loveeeee to bake and who doesn’t like cake?! Just make sure you’re sending out as much love as you receive!

Remember, God is love. He puts people in our lives for a specific purpose.

Don’t be so great that you cant be grateful, hot that you can’t be humble, lit that you can’t be loving, or so successful that you cant be supportive/selfless.

So, who do ya luv and who loves you?!


*Always remember to trust the process…