Gen the gem is what I am going to start calling her because she is L I T! Don’t argue with me on this!

Full Definition of gem

  1. 1a:jewel

  2. b:  a precious or sometimes semiprecious stone cut and polished for ornament

  3. 2a:  something prized especially for great beauty or perfection

  4. b:  a highly prized or well-beloved person

(courtesy of Merriam-Webster)

It has taken me a full 23 1/2 years to realize how much of a precious jewel/highly prized or well-beloved person she is. Such a shame it should be a crime that it took me this long to fully come to this conclusion.

I came to this realization Sunday night when I spent 1 hr. 10 min. and 1 sec. on the phone with her just talking. Now, if you really know me you know that a lengthy phone call with me is 10 minutes…MAX. I tend to make phone calls when the matter is urgent or when the text I sent was politely ignored. When I do get on the phone, I say what I have to say then make my famous  exit by saying “alright, well i’ll talk to you later. love ya. k bye.” With all of that being said, you can see why it was extremely out of the ordinary for me to be on the phone for an hour+.

But after the call I realized a few things:

  1. My mama knows me better than anyone else. I was FOR SURE that only God knew who I really was and everybody else just acted like they did. But my mama told me somethings about myself that I hadn’t thought about before (or I thought about them but didn’t want to believe them). It made me realize that just because she STILL doesn’t know that my favorite dipping sauce is honey mustard (not Polynesian or BBQ, the two she ALWAYS gets) doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know me.
  2. She has some great advice. It’s usually “just take it to God/Pray about it, My Muff!”, but that is just her way of preparing me to take on life like a real adult because she won’t always be readily available to help me. Learned that pretty quickly after she got married and left me and my sisters for dead! lol. Okay thats not the truth, but she has gone through enough “life” to give a pretty good piece of advice.
  3. She’s the best petty partner. Since she turned 50 she developed what I like to call her “petty laugh”. When she does this laugh she has either done or said something petty and know that she’s wrong for it! Everyone thinks that she is so serious all the time, but she has a goofy side that she saves for petty people. She’s pretty much #PettyGoalz.
  4. She’ll always remind me that God loves me and that she is praying for me. Whenever I do something that is potentially avoidable she will hold back her words of “encouragement”. She starts by getting everything off of her chest and then follows up with a text message containing a scripture and a “God loves you.” Thnx, Mom. lol.  Aside from that, her everyday texts saying “Hello my Muff! I love you and I am praying for you!” let me know that i’m not alone in this walk!
  5. She’s the real MVP. Like the “get some information you need from your ex because you’re not tryna contact them” type of MVP. Everybody needs this type of person on their team!


She’s much much more than just these few things that were mentioned: a creator, Jesus lover, singer, demon fighter (not physical), no limit soldier, etc. But i’ll leave those for another day.

Anyways, if you got a mama or an auntie (s/o to my auntie) or a stepmama or a granny go ahead and shout them out! Tell ’em to twerk summ today just because! Don’t wait until it’s too late to appreciate your Gem!



As always, remember to trust the process!