So, for me November is ALWAYS quite a month. It just feels as if there is always something new that happens that makes this month the hardest to get through. This November is a little different though, still too much going on, but it’s a little more than normal.

The situations that have transpired resulted in a much needed conversation with myself about what changes I would make because i’ve just about hit thee fan. And i’m only 5’3″ so you know that means i’m way past my limit.

So, as of today, November 25th, 2016, I made a declaration with myself that I would no longer do some things.

  1. I will no longer invest my time in broken relationships. There comes a point in a persons life when enough is enough and trying to heal a relationship drains you, especially if it’s a one-sided effort. Honestly, truly, i’m over it.
  2. I will no longer coddle people and their feelings. I am 23 years old and I do not have the time to sit and try to rearrange my thoughts to make you feel comfortable with a simple conversation or situation. No. Grow up and increase the level of your maturity. I’m over it.
  3. I will no longer make excuses for grown people. I will start calling a spade a spade. Das it. I’m over it. Next…
  4. I will no longer compromise the relationship I have with myself to exert more energy into another relationship. I think this statement pretty much speaks for itself. Ultimately, if you do not have a good and solid relationship with yourself how in the world do you expect that to happen with someone else? Sometimes I have to remember to take care of myself first and be a little selfish about it.
  5. I will no longer let anyone disturb my peace. My prayer focus lately has been on peace. Since I have been so focused on peace I believe that God put me in the middle of a situation that would cause my peace to be tried. It worked. I now know how unsettling it feels and I can’t/won’t be subjected to it anymore. Disturbed peace can cause you to grab your piece…we don’t need these problems. I’m over it.
  6. I will no longer be bothered by passive aggressiveness. Completely over it.
  7. I will no longer keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. You know, some people deserve to be let in on where I am and what i’m thinking. At some point I realized that I had to stop letting my past dictate how I handle certain situations. Now this doesn’t mean that everybody gets a key to my box of thoughts, but some people have earned it.
  8. I will no longer allow situations cause me to contemplate adjusting my level of love. Adjusting the level of the relationship, yes, but love, no. After really thinking about some things I had to immediately check my heart because I could feel it changing. I never want a situation to dictate the condition of my heart so I always try to love with the love of God. Loving with the love of God can get you through the most trivial of situations.
  9. I will no longer hold on. I will no longer hold on to people, situations, relationships, words, etc. that God is clearly telling me to let go of. Holding on breeds unhealthy situations and I already eat too many ice cream sandwiches…since we’re on the subject of being unhealthy.
  10. I will no longer hold back an “I love you”. This one might be a little hard because there is always the element of hurt lurking around when you love. Loving freely isn’t such an easy task (for me), but missing the opportunity to tell someone that you love them might bring about a different type of hurt. Though I do believe that love is an action word I still think that verbalizing it for someone (friends, family, lovers, etc.) has sort of an comforting affect.


At the end of the day I guess you can say that i’m starting my “new year, new me” just a few days early. lol. Some of these notions are great changes for me that will cause me to be quite uncomfortable, but I’m ready for it because I have been comfortable with mediocrity for far too long now.

It’s never too late to state your #Iwillnolonger for the 2k16!

I’m still learning how to trust the process…