Just as I was starting off my morning, mind boggled at the fact that God believes that I have enough strength to endure/journey through the situations I’m facing, I’m presented with this encouraging song:

The words simply state “Greater and better, coming back strong! Coming back strong, stronger than I’ve ever been before!” 

Now I’m coming out of a weekend filled with love, life and close friends/sister’s that should’ve filled me until I’m overflowing with strength for weeks on end. But I have found that these types of thoughts [thoughts of weakness and lack of endurance] lie dormant until you’re at a point of full vulnerability- extreme happiness (nothing can defeat me) or extreme sadness (nothing can help me).

Don’t get bogged down and discouraged by your thoughts, God has already placed ALL of the strength that you will ever need to complete your journey deep inside of you. You have to seek and trust him to acquire and keep it!

So for this last Monday in July, I encourage you to: Go get what’s yours! Walk in your strength! Head up, chest out. God literally has you covered 💜

Love Muffy💜

Remember to trust the process!