So. If you happen to live on the sunny side of a rock then you watch Insecure. And if you don’t, well…you better get up on this black girl 24k magic that Issa Rae created in a t.v. series.

**DISCLAIMER: if you haven’t watched the latest episode and you don’t like spoilers then don’t read another further**

K. You’ve been warned. Carry on.



CHILEEEEEE!!! Let me tell you how I felt Tasha on the most personal of personal levels when she told Lawrence, *ahem*, and I quote:

“You’re a f*ck boy. No, you’re worse than a f*ck boy. You’re a f*ck boy who thinks that he’s a good guy!!” 

I don’t know how many other people have dealt with a Lawrence, but my ex definitely meets that criteria 😂. Now, I don’t hate him, I don’t even dislike him anymore, but if I happen to ever travel back into 2015 (good lord, God FOR.BID.) imma just throw that line out there! Ijs.

Hurt people, hurt people. I will continue to say that until everyone has it good and stuck in their brains! But that is exactly what Lawrence is doing to Tasha.  Unnecessarily twisting her up in his already twisted emotions because “she’s good”. Chile who he needs is Jesus Christ to become his lord and savior, but that’s between him and his creator.

Buuutttt…on the other hand, Tasha knew he wasn’t with her because he had plans of building a strong black tribe with her. I don’t think she’s mad at the fact that he didn’t come back to the cookout, I think she’s mad that HE SAID HE WAS coming back, and didn’t. I mean, at the end of the day your word is your bond and he decided to lie…for why?!?! He knew he wasn’t coming back and he could’ve just said that. But instead he left her looking like booboo the fool, and if Tasha is anything like me, that’s worse than telling me a lie.

What really just made me so upset over this whole situation is the fact that he just hung up the phone and walked away from the situation like it was just another argument that he’ll bounce back from. Which leads me to believe that he alllllllready knew what he was (refer back to Tasha’s quote). Tasha’s statement warranted absolutely no surprise in him. Lawrence is the type of guy that teaches you one of your biggest lessons: the lesson of wasted time because you already saw the signs of him being no good.

Now I’m not saying that he’s always been no good or he won’t ever be any good, but at this point and time in his life he no good for you and your peace. He’s like a parasite…he feeds off of everything good and nutritious that you have to offer knowing good n well that everything in him is a virus. Unfortunately, “a Lawrence” is a common guy that nearly every female will encounter at some point in their life. Do yourself a favor sis, let him go and heal by himself before you decide to invite him to the family cookout and you will save yourself from having that extra “booboo the fool” stamped on your record.

Anyways, I still have all the faith in Lawrence, he just needs to go and heal from Issa so he doesn’t ruin Tasha or anyone else for that matter. Das it.

Signed, a former Tasha/booboo the fool